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A last minute request had my team in a panic after our usual printer had gone out of business. I contacted printing solutions and got a response back in minutes! Within the hour the transaction was complete and my items were available to pick up same day!!! I couldn't be happier with the turn around and the amazing work they did for us last minute.

Tina T.

I’ve been working with Meagan and the team at Printing Solutions for the past year, and let me tell you how great they are! I’ve needed orders rushed and last minute, and they somehow always try their best to accommodate and get it done as soon as they can. They can handle pretty large orders as well and I’ve never had any issues with them. Quality is amazing and pricing is fair! Meagan is always helpful and responds quickly, Monica is great too! Definitely recommend them for any of your printing needs. They do it all! Thanks again!

Avanti Loussia

Best place for all my printing needs. Monika never fails to come through for me. If I need labels printed in a hurry because of poor planning on my part she never fails. This business is my never fail go to. So glad I found them 10 years ago.

Shari Duhachek

In a day and age when customer service is seldom the attitude of businesses I am glad to find a company the shines when it comes to doing their best for their customers. I have used this company for our Christmas Card for the past 3 years and they have always done a great job. The Staff is friendly, helpful and timely. Their graphic artists are very capable of putting forth a fantastic looking product. So for my "printing solutions" (pun intended) I will choose Printing Solutions!

Evelyn E.

The ladies at Printing Solution are amazing people. They are personable, attentive, and they work as hard as they can to give 110% customer satisfaction. I am an editor of a newsletter that goes out to a small community. When I have an issue, I have brought my laptop in for direction (especially on our phone directories). What I love about this place is that they are family owned and they are family.

Cindi S.Casa de Amigos

Printing Solutions is the best print shop in San Diego! I was fortunate to work with Meagan and her team while on the board of my kids sports team. I quickly started using their services for my own personal print jobs! Printing Solutions is quick, thorough, and extremely helpful. They are very helpful in walking me through my out of left field print jobs. I will always recommend printing solutions to friends, family and strangers!! Quality is superb, and the prices are very competitive.

Crysta GarciaScentsy Distributor

I'm in charge of producing a tri-annual international event for over 250 people and this company has been doing our print work such as badges, programs and more. We are not the easiest group to work with since the demand of our events have required a lot of special attention. They have never let us down and the quality of what they produce is top notch. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company and we will continue to use them as we have for our last several events. They have really become invaluable to my event partner who has had to be in touch with them sometimes daily as our events approach. They make his life easier so they make everything better for our team as a whole.

Arlene P.

I would consider myself (my company) a long time customer of Printing Solutions and there are many reasons why. They are AMAZING! Not only is the work top notch, but they have saved me more than once when I was in a time crunch and needed materials right away (as soon as the next day.) Meagan is the best and so is everyone involved in this wonderful company. If you need anything done that is in their wheelhouse I 100% recommend giving Printing Solutions a try. You will not be disappointed!

Stacy H.Vanguard Legal Group

I can't say enough good things about Printing Solutions. The quality is impeccable, and service is superior. There have more than one occasion where the caring staff have helped me meet deadlines or give advice to make my project better. You can get printing done a lot of places but you won't find the customer service from Printing Solutions anywhere else!

Kristen B.

Amazing group of people here! Anytime we needed work done, whether it's been planned or last minute rush, Printing Solutions has delivered every single time! It's great to see there are still professional and hard working establishment like this around, let alone it's a local family owned business. If you are wondering if you should stop by here or not, read a few reviews and you can see that Printing Solutions will not let you down.

Richard N.All Auto Escondido

Printing Solutions is top notch! I used them for all of my business and personal needs. There's nothing they can't do - in fact, they even did my wedding invitations and photo album.

Vanessa O.Mercy Air

I have been working with Printing Solutions for almost a decade now. I am continually requesting print and graphic design work from them. Not only do they produce INCREDIBLE work, they are also probably the most kind and accommodating staff out of any vendor I am contracted with. Many of my jobs are for rush notice; and they never say NO. They figure out to handle 100% of my requests correctly, efficiently, and always on time. We at Jersey Mike’s Subs cannot recommend them enough.

Kristen AppelJersey Mikes Franchise Group

Meagan came through for Palomar Solar once again! We needed another order of 2,000 mailers rushed and she made it happen for us. We decided to cut ties with the big outfit we were dealing with and only deal with Printing Solutions, we have a standing order of 2,000 marketing mailers per week. In the last week alone they've done our mailers,pins and several sets of business cards for us too. No one can beat the customer service that Printing Solutions provides.

Elisa G.Palomar Solar
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