Custom Printed Posters in Escondido, CA

Backlit Posters

9mil – Gloss (12” x 120”)

Lighten up with backlit custom printed posters! Composed of a 9mil semi-rigid material with a glossy topcoat, Backlit Posters allow customers to create messaging that lights up and stands out with vivid backlit graphics and superior light diffusion.

Custom Printed Posters in Escondido, CA

Blockout Posters

12pt. C2S (12” x 120”)

12pt C2S Blockout Posters are an economical paper option featuring thickness and durability. Its semi-gloss surface and the block-out center layer will keep the light out, ensuring 100% opacity. They are ideally used to print indoor signs.

Escondido, CA Custom Printed Posters

No Tear Posters

8mil – Matte (up to 3’ wide x however long)

Light weight but durable no tear material used ideally indoors but can also be used outdoors for temporary banner signage.

Custom Printed Posters in Escondido, CA

Custom printed posters from Printing Solutions are just the thing you need to expand your marketing reach. Digital marketing may be all the rage these days, but you’ll notice that the big companies still spend lots of money on outdoor advertising. You see it everywhere, on billboards, movie theater marquees, sporting events, concert venues, telephone poles, anywhere large groups of people pass by frequently or congregate. That’s because traditional printed media works, and it’s an essential element of every successful marketing strategy. Custom printed posters created by Printing Solutions can help you spread the word about your business with colors, designs, and graphics that make your brand stand out from the rest.

Why Advertise With Custom Printed Posters

Besides being endlessly customizable with whatever logo, colors, graphics, and message you desire and incredibly cost-effective when you consider your ROI, custom printed posters are great because they’re so easily transportable and cheap that you can use them anywhere.

The first rule of outdoor advertising is to put it in a good location. You can place posters almost anywhere there’s a solid surface. Put them on windows and walls next to sidewalks and in malls, in your business or others, at trade shows and conventions, in schools and libraries, the possibilities are endless. You can even build a portable surface to display them on. But your custom printed posters don’t have to remain static. Use them on buses, trains, and subways, and on the sides of cars and trucks to give your business a constantly moving mobile presence that people will notice. Custom printed posters allow you to advertise to a larger and more varied demographic of consumers.

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We create our posters to be durable and long-lasting. Choose from our three basic styles:

  • Backlit Posters – Printed on a light semi-rigid material with a glossy surface, these posters are intended to diffuse the light from a backlit display to make colors and graphics shine brightly.
  • Blockout Posters – The opposite of backlit posters, the paper we create these from is thick and durable and 100% opaque, great for indoor use.
  • No Tear Posters – Lightweight and durable material with a matte finish designed to stand up to abuse.

All of our products are available with free shipping and free delivery in the U.S.

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